How to Install Mobdro on Firestick & Fire Premium

How to Install Mobdro on Firestick 2.1.7 & Fire Premium 2019: how’s it going guys live eco 2 here back with another article and today I’m gonna show you how you can install mobdro version 2.1 point seven on your Amazon fire stick or fire. So Mugler has been out there for a very long time it is a great source of live TV guys, so let’s get started from your main menu, we’re going to move to the right-hand side all the way to the right-hand side here and it says settings you’re gonna press down and move to the right-hand side again and go to device you want to press okay.

Here you want to scroll down to developer options press ok again and enable ADB debugging by clicking on it, so press ok. Scroll down to apps from unknown sources and then press ok you will see this notification click on turn on and then we’re gonna press the home button from our remote from here, we’re going to do a search so hit the left key from your d-pad. You want to press down and we’re just simply going to type in the letters D o WL which is short for word the downloader app. So if you want to scroll down here on the search results and select this one that says downloader app and then you want to press ok you want to press down and under apps and games click on this orange icon that says downloader.

Mobdro for Firestick

How to Install Mobdro for Firestick 2.1.7 & Fire TV Premium 2019

You will see a get option, if this is going to be the first time you’re installing this application just simply press ok to initiate the download. Once its installed you want to press ok and open you will now click allow’ here, so press ok click on OK here and right there in the middle that says HTTP colon double slash and a blinking cursor you want to press ok there and on the on-screen keyboard. We’re going to type in a URL and make sure it’s all over case guys, because it’s case sensitive so type in here bit:

dot ly / droid 7 again guys that’s bi t
dot ly / droid 7 or dr o ID 7

You can press play or hit go here in the bottom, so this is the application that you need to install first in order to for you to get the Mobro for Firestick app and so many streaming applications that I have in my personal app store. So you want to press down twice it’ll highlight cancel move to the right hand side to choose install and then press ok. Once the app is installed, you want to move to the right hand side again highlight open click it okay it’ll ask you for a code. So let’s press ok first and we’re going to type in my code here. So the numbers are three two seven zero three four five five and again that’s three two seven zero three four five, five hit next or press play, press ok again to continue. You want to click on dismiss you want to click on dismiss here as well and from here we’re going to find mobdro on my list all right so this one make sure it’s highlighted green and you want to press ok from your remote it’ll download the application it, will give you a play button now and all you gotta do is press ok from your remote and you will end up on this installation screen and you want to hit the right key from your d-pad and choose install also guys if you are using streaming applications you want to make sure you are using a VPN or virtual private networks it basically protects your online security and privacy.

Whenever you are doing any activities online, so I would recommend free to use IPVanish currently there are on sale and the sale ends on July 15th they are offering 60% off on all plants so definitely guys take advantage of it and make sure you have a VPN enabled before streaming anything online to get the 60% off discount you want to go ahead and open up a browser from your mobile phone or computer and from the address bar all . We got to do is type in there bit dot ly /lv y6t and again that’s bi t dot ly /lv y 60 all over case guys hit enter. You’re gonna end up on this landing page and to register, just go ahead and click on get IPVanish here alright. So here are the plans that they offer, so i would recommend for you to use the year plan it is the best value for the money it is 60% off billed annually which is fifty eight dollars and forty nine cents and makes it four dollars and eighty seven cents per month to register just go ahead and click on this and enter your valid email address and password.

So this is going to be your login credentials and select a payment method either debit or credit or Paypal and then great thing about IPVanish is that it works on all of your devices whether it’s Windows, Mac, iOS, Android far TV devices or Firesticks Windows Phone Linux Chromebook and routers and you can use up to 10 devices at the same time. Alright let’s go ahead and hit the right key again just like open click on agree so press ok click on allow so hit OK again and press ok here, on that notification so the interface is really simple it’s user friendly and it’s really easy to use even. If you are using this for the first time so let’s pick a category here we’re gonna go with news you want to press ok there and select a channel all right, I’m gonna pick this one so you want to press ok. Wait for it to load up and there we go, let’s go ahead hit the back button let’s try another channel here awesome.

So let’s go ahead and hit the back button here alright, so let’s try this one this time okay it works. Alright let’s go to the categories again and this time I’m going to choose shows. So let’s press ok let’s try the Big Bang Theory awesome it works let’s try another one here, she really loads pretty fast. So let’s go hit the back button here and we’re gonna try movie channels. All right let’s try this, excellent, alright one last thing sports you just check out the rest of the categories here, guys it’s totally up to you I’m just showing you how to use it. so let’s try sports I’m gonna choose ESPN okay, I want to try a European channel here let’s try this. So I hope this article helps please like, comment share this How to Install Mobdro on Firestick enable the Bookmark so that way you get notified whenever I have newer uploads thank you so much guys for read and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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