Firestick Update – How to Update Amazon Firestick 2019

Firestick Update 2019: Amazon Firestick is a service that allows users to watch various programs, movies, music shows, and even games through an Internet connection. Like other applications, Firestick is best if updated regularly. Every new update comes with several features, fixes bugs, and increases performance problems. Updates to Fire TV allow users to watch local movies, and so on. Amazon regularly releases updates for Fire TV.

In addition, the update process is not a hassle, and if you have a good internet connection, it must be easy. In this article we will review how to update Firestick in 2019 and includes all the steps needed.

How to  update Amazon Firestick 2019

Before updating Firestick, make sure your internet connection is functioning properly. If not, you will experience problems. The update process for Firestick is quite simple and also applies to Fire TV.

Firestick Update
Firestick Update 2019

Following are the steps to update Amazon Firestick in 2019.

1. Select the settings option on the right side of the menu bar.
2. After scrolling right, select the Device option.
3. Select the “About” option.
4. Next, scroll down and select Software Version.
5. Select Check System Update.

If there is an update available, it will download automatically. After downloading, select Install System Update. Now you have the latest Firestick Update 2019.

Updating Kodi – Firestick Update 2019

Kodi is one of the prominent applications from Amazon Firestick. Kodi is used to stream content from the Internet such as music, movies, podcasts, and as a hub for local media. This application is very popular and is the de facto choice as a media player in the internet community. The good news is that Kodi is available at Firestick and we will see how Kodi is updated on Amazon Firestick.

Updating Kodi for Firestick Using ES Explorer (Update Firestick 2019)

1. Activate the “Application from unknown sources” option.
2. Now go to the Amazon App Store and install ES File Explorer.
3. Now add the following sources in Download Manager:
4. What happens is that the latest version of Kodi is downloaded to Firestick.
5. Then install the file and complete the installation process.
6. Start Kodi and select the desired setting.

Update Credit with Downloader (Firestick Update 2019)

1. Activate the “Application from unknown sources” option.
2. Open the Amazon App Store and install the downloader.
3. In the download address bar, enter the following URL:
4. Install the Appstarter and start the application.
5. Open the settings window under Appstarter and select Kodi in the Update area.

Reinstall Kodi after the upgrade failed

Sometimes the update process may not function as expected. If an update fails, complete the following steps.

1. Open “Applications” in the Firestick settings.
2. Under Applications, select Manage Installed Applications.
3. Scroll down and select Kodi.
4. Select ‘Force Stop’ to make sure Kodi is not running in the background.
5. Select the uninstall option.

Now we have to start the installation process again.

1. Activate the “Application from Unknown Sources” option.
2. Install the Downloader for the Amazon App Store.
3. Now paste the following URL into the field – and click the Download button.
4. Select Install when asked to update the current application.
5. Finally, start Kodi and make sure your favorite settings have been saved.


Firestick is undoubtedly one of Amazon’s best products. To make sure you maximize it, regular updates are needed. In this article, we show you the steps needed to update Firestick 2019 and Kodi. If you still have problems, write us.

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