How to Install ES File Explorer on Firestick Latest Update 2019

How to Install ES File Explorer Firestick is available now, you can download ES File Explorer on Fire Stick Latest Version of 2019. Even How to Sideload ES File Explorer on Firestick is possible. In this post, you will learn how to install ES File Explorer on FireStick. FireStick is a fantastic media device that connects to your TV and can display movies and shows online on the big screen. Powered by the Amazon App Store, this small gadget gives you access to a collection of healthy applications of all types, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and dozens of utilities. But sometimes the Amazon Store isn’t enough. You want to install third-party applications like Kodi that don’t yet exist on Amazon Store.

To download any application in FireStick, you need a tool that allows you to download APK files from online sources. This is where ES File Explorer plays a role. With this application, you can download the APK file and install it on your FireStick. For a long time, ES File Explorer, along with Downloader, is one of my most important FireStick elements.

However, ES File Explorer is not just a side loading application. This is a complete file management program that is also suitable as a very effective side loader. ES File Explorer is supported on all types of Android platforms such as Android phones, Android tablets, Android TVs, Android TV boxes, FireStick, and others.

How to install ES File Explorer on Firestick 2019

ES File Explorer Firestick is very easy to install. This very popular application is available in almost all popular application stores including Amazon Store. Let’s see how you can get it from Amazon Store on FireStick. Following are the steps:

1. Connect your FireStick to the TV and turn it on. When the opening screen appears, look in the left corner and you will see a small lens icon. This is the search option that you want to choose with your FireStick remote. es file explorer firestick2. Now you want to find the ES File Explorer application by typing it on the on-screen keyboard. However, there is no need to enter the application name completely. After entering the first few letters, ES File Explorer will appear in the search results (see screenshot below). Continue and click the name of the application in the search results. es file explorer firestick apk3. On the next screen you will see the ES File Explorer icon. Click that! Check the image below for reference. es file explorer firestick kodi4. If you click the ES File Explorer image, the next screen will display Download. Click to start Download ES File Explorer on FireStick. es file explorer fire stick settings5. The download will begin immediately. It will take time to complete the process. That depends on the speed of your internet connection. You can check the progress of downloads on the screen. es file explorer fire stick6. If FireStick has installed the application, you will see the “Open” icon instead of the “Download” option. When you click Open, ES File Explorer starts immediately. If you do not want to open the application immediately, you can return to the Home screen and open it from your application and channel es file explorer fire stick how to clean outYour application & channel is a section where you can see a list of all installed applications (and stored in the cloud). To access this section, press and hold the Home button / button on the remote control for about 5 seconds. You will see the following window with a number of options. Open “Application” and you will be taken to your application and channel.

The application that you just installed is displayed at the bottom of the application list. Navigate with your remote control to ES File Explorer and open it as needed.

If you want the application to appear on the home screen, select the application icon and press the menu button on the remote (3 horizontal lines on the right). A small pop-up will appear in the right corner of your TV. Click Move and drag the ES File Explorer application icon anywhere in the first or second row. This places the application on the FireStick splash screen for quick access.

Well, just load and install ES File Explorer under FireStick.


ES File Explorer Firestick is a very popular side loading application for Fire Stick. I say “other” because I also use a lot of the Downloader application. However, downloaders may not be available in all regions when ES File Explorer is installed. It’s good to have both applications, especially because you can use ES File Explorer outside of your side loading requirements. After all, it’s also a file manager application. This guide tells you how to install ES File Explorer on FireStick. Let us know if you have questions or feedback.

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