How to Delete Kodi and Reinstall Version With A build to Watch Movies

How to Delete Kodi and Reinstall Version 17.6 With A Build 2019: Hello and welcome back so a couple nights in a row now I’ve had people ask me, if they have to Uninstall Kodi to Install Kodi 18.0 RC. Now normally you do not have to but personally a lot of times when I do different builds and different article I do uninstall Kodi completely from my firestick just in case there’s any bad files or corrupted files left over that may cause an issue or a problem either during one of my article or just if I’m personally watching certain things so here’s a quick article on how to delete Kodi completely and reinstall it whatever version you have with the newest updated version alright as you see I am in Kodi no problem now you can either. hit the home screen or personally I always like to exit Kodi the Kodi way, okay now you see it right on my screen, right here from here you’re gonna go up to the Amazon home screen menus alright. Where it says home your videos movies TV shows apps and settings you’re gonna go into settings go one down scroll over to applications and click it in applications.

You’re gonna scroll down to manage installed applications which should be all the way at the bottom click into that then you’re gonna scroll down and then find kodi right here click into that now. if you do not want to uninstall Kodi but you just want to uninstall a certain build or get rid of add-ons that you have. if you do have the updated version already fantastic, you can just go down to clear data and clear cache and that will delete Kodi everything and make Kodi go back to normal like day one when you first installed it I believe it’ll even tell you that it’s first run after you load it and you do these two items okay but what we’re gonna do tonight in this video is uninstall so click on install click on install again and Kodi is no longer on your Amazon home screen or in the system so hit the home button as you can see Kodi has disappeared from where I had it in the beginning of the main menus so in order to get Kodi and the latest version again what you’re gonna have to do is go back up to the Amazon.

delete kodi

How to Delete Kodi and Reinstall Version 17.6 with A Build to Watch Movies 2019

Home screen main menus you’re gonna be on home, scroll to the left to the magnifying glass when you’re there you’re gonna get a downloader application in order to get the Kodi app so type in D o WN l o a d e R ok first one that comes up downloader do not pick downloader app because I believe that you have to pay for it so you find downloader and you click it it’s gonna open up like this it’s orange it says downloader with a white arrow pointing down to a white line click into that ok. Now for me, I already own it for a new user it’s going to say get or install. So you’re gonna click right on that okay for me it’s gonna be downloading now at certain times it may have a pop up asking you to update your Amazon address do not worry go ahead and update it it’s nothing major no concern to you it’s just that it’s gonna act kind of like the iTunes I store where they just want some information making sure that it is you getting this app so.

Just update it with the link either with your cell phone or three PC just update the address whether it’s correct or not. Just update it no harm no foul get downloader you can open it from here no problem. Okay you’re gonna get this pop up just click OK, now the beginning of download it’s already gonna have the HTTP colon slash, slash click into that and you’re gonna start typing i T dot ly all right go down to the symbols hit slash back to ABC type in Kodi k OD I and you’re gonna go up here one seven four go back to the letters are C like Robert Charlie so it looks like this HTTP colon slash slash bi T dot L y /k o di 174 are see once you have that all up in there. Click go file downloading 86.4 megabytes now. If you have any problems here and it downloads and it goes to a white screen, just redo this process again and it should be back to normal. Alright once it downloads you’re going to get this pop up do, you want to install this application it will get access to go to down and one over to install to the right click install.

Be patient while Kodi installs all right, now once it says done it says ready to launch, do not launch it right now just go down to done and click done all right from here, you can save this file just click done if you ever have to come back and redo it instead of retyping it in right on the left where it says home browser files favorite settings and help go up to files and click it and as you can see all the files that I have for Kodi but the last one is always at the top which is the most recent August 20th 2017 at 7:49 p.m. that. You can always come back to that and re-click on it and reinstall Kodi at any time after uninstalling it so it is very easy. Okay now hit the home button go back to hodie main screen of Amazon alright, scroll down into your apps and games we’re gonna bring Kodi to the front of the main screen alright from your apps and games scroll all the way over to the right to see all and click it alright go down and if you have downloader hit the options about Ana downloader and click move to fronts all. Right that’s one now go down and find Kody all the way at the bottom again, click the options button again and move that to front as well then hit the Amazon home screen button and you have both Kodi and download right in the front.

Now click Kodi it’s gonna run for the first time version 17.4 Krypton RC.all right now here’s what a lot of people are asking me they have nothing in the system they can’t watch TV or nothing that’s because you need add-ons or a build okay so a quick easy build. That I like to use that I can show you, you can use this or not or feel free to ask me and I will give you directions on how to get the build of your choice or certain add-ons of your choice or you can just check my post and it will be in there certain article all right but the first thing you have to do once Kodi opens to get anything is go all the way, to the top to the middle image of the sprocket and click it from here go one down and over to the right to system settings click into that from here go down to where you see add-ons then click one over to the right go down to unknown sources and click it so it turns on.

You’re gonna get this pop-up box add-ons will be given access to personal data store it on this device just go over to the left and click yes all right now back out from here go one over and one down to file manager and click into that and this is where you’re gonna add two URL to get the add-ons or the build of your choice so when you first open it it’s gonna be on profile directory. You want to go one down to add source and click that this pop-up box comes up you’re gonna be on none click on none and from here I’m gonna show you how to get the no limits build to get movies TV shows it’s fairly easy to get fairly easy to use and they do keep up on it and it is updated frequently okay so go:
over over here and type in http/1
slash slash n oh hello I M I TS

All right, so no-limits builds bui al d s calm all right / Kodi so it looks like this HTTP colon slash slash n Oh L I M i TS bu i l d s comm /k o di once you have that on screen click. Okay I’m gonna go down over here click on that I’m not gonna name it Kodi I’m gonna erase that I’m gonna, capitalize it so I can find it much easier and know that it’s something that I put in there I’m gonna call it no limits and oh no I am i t s okay once you have that no limits you can also name it something else but if you do name it no limits once again if everything looks exactly the same up on the screen go down to OK and click it.

Now if there’s no problems it’s gonna come up back to the file managing screen. Alright just to double-check scroll up to no limits and click it you’re gonna see fresh-start lost builds no limits and then plug in video no limits wizard dot zip if you see that then just back out back out again you’re gonna back out all the way to the maybe main Kodi home screen you’re gonna scroll down from here to add-ons click on add-ons go one up to the box click on the open package box from here scroll down to install from zip file and click it’s scroll down to find no limits click on no limits or whatever you named it at the time.

Then you’re gonna scroll down to plug in video dot no limits dot zip and click it. no limits wizard and on installed, alright now from here you’re just gonna back out once and no limits wizard is gonna be right there scroll over to the right and click on that it’s gonna bring you up to the no limits wizard installation menu ok now you can pick from server one no limits magic with all the adult channels you can pick no limits magic with no adult channels then you can pick the no limits fire stick light adult channel edition and then the no limits fire stick lights no adult section. Okay now since I’m using it on a fire stick I’m also gonna go to the no limits fire stick light with the adult because I am over 18 sometimes you get a little x-rated myself so we click it and you can see it’s installing fairly quick, that’s actually downloading I should say now this version is for the fire sticks

Okay so that way doesn’t load up with a lot of unneeded data and the fire sticks are gonna work to par if you’re on a PC or something that has a lot more memory than a fire stick. You can obviously use the no limits magic adult or an old dealt main full build. After downloads everything it’s going to start extracting it so if it does go a little slow be patient yours may go faster than mine or slower than mine not a hundred percent positive but I’m going to keep everything on screen so that way we can try to be on the same page together.

As you know I try to make my article short and sweet it’s the wait times of this. That I like to wait for so that everybody can be on the same page all right download is complete Kodi will shut down automatically in ten seconds. Now says remove Kodi the power cable from your device after the countdown. so wait till it counts down your device’s Android must force closed Kodi, click OK.

Hit the home screen I’m going to unplug my device and plug it back, in I will be right back so I unplugged my device I plug the back in it’s starting fresh.

Alright let Amazon load up paint Homescreen if you did everything correctly go right down to Kodi and click on Kodi and there you have the build all right you no longer see the main Kodi home screen you see the build scroll over for movies TV shows more networks live TV, sports, bad news on their Bob on leashes. On their quantum UK Turek her place then, you got #X# for anybody tools system power you always want to quit and save or force clothes when you want to leave you have kids music and then back to movies now when you first load it be, patient.

All right the menus are gonna be building this may not happen every time where it may happen for a short amount of time every time you reload it but it’s gonna build everything that it needs widgets any data it’s gonna update just stick around be patient, let it all load up and then you’ll see everything pop up on screen alright as you can see, the widgets are coming up with the movies up here alright you got get out Milana, Wonderwoman, war for planet of the apes, baby driver, spider-man and you can see now.

If you go down to movies scroll over to TV shows should have the widgets for TV shows if you’re watching on Sunday. I know you wanna watching Game of Thrones and you have more and as you can see the skin shortcuts is only at 85-percent so it is still building alright but I hope you get the gist this is exactly how you do it and how to get a build so that way.

You can read How to Delete Kodi and Reinstall Version 17.6 With A Build to Watch Movies. Everything that you want to read like always any problems questions feel free to hit me up at any time either on Website or any of my social media accounts and I will get back to you. As soon as I can with an answer to your question as always thank you for read and enjoy.

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