How to Install Covenant Kodi Addon 18.0 | Working

How to Install Covenant Kodi Addon 18.0 Working – Colossus Repo offers the Kodi Covenant addon for Krypton users 18.0, but previously the Covenant has fallen from the Colossus Kodi repository. Again, Covenant Addon will return in 2019 with many new work repositories. If you want to install Covenant under Kodi 17.6 and Kodi 18.0, read this tutorial to the end.

Covenant is a popular video add-on worldwide for Kodi that offers thousands of fun things online. In fact, Covenant is a modified version of the Exodus Kodi addition, because Exodus developer redesigned everything on the Output Dashboard and named it Covenant.

  • Addon Name: Covenant Kodi Addon
  • Repository Name: Kodil Repo
  • repository address: | Working in 2019

Covenants are offered by the Colossus Repo in November 2017, but in December 2017, this repository was deleted. Shortly after a few months, many new repositories offered Kodi users to install Covenants for Krypton 17.6 and Leia 18.0. If you don’t know what Covenant Kodi addon repository has to offer, read the following section.

As a big fan of Kodi and Covenant, I always look for all the repositories that allow Kodi users to install Covenants for 17.6 krypton. I found that the following Kodi repository contains the world-famous Covenant Kodi addon:

  1. Lazy Kodi Repo: | New Repo
  2. XvBMC Kodi Repo: | New Repo
  3. Kodil Repo: (Another tutorial): Read this tutorial to install Kodil repo from Zip file.
  4. All Eyez on Me Repo: http :// /repo/ | New Repo
  5. Colossus Repo: |Not Working

So these are five Kodi repositories that offer Kodi users the installation of Covenant Addon. But of these five, the Colossus Repo was closed. Here’s how to install the addon Kodi Kodi Kodil Repo, Lazy Kodi Repo, XvBMC Kodi Repo, and All Eyez On Me Kodi Repo.

How To Install Covenant Kodi Addon on Kodi 18.0 | Working

I have explained that the addon Kodi Agreement is offered by many repositories, which means we need to choose one of them. In this tutorial I will gradually learn how to install Covenant Kodi 17.6 from all available repositories, but you don’t have to install from all repositories. Just select one and install it on your device.

How to Install Covenant Kodi 18 Leia | Addon for Kodil Repo | My Favorite Repo

Kodil is a globally popular Kodi repository for 17.6 Krypton, which will offer more than 100 add-ons in 2018. Your favorite add-on agreement can also be installed from Kodil Repo. However, you must first install the Repo Kodil on your device. I have written a detailed guide to installing Kodil Repo in Kodi 17.6 krypton. Please see this guide.

I hope you install Repo Kodil on your device. Now let’s see how to install the Kodi 17.6 add-on from the Kodil repository.

1. Install Kodi Repo

First, you need to install the Kodil repo on your Krypton 17.6 device. Follow these instructions to install step-by-step Kodil Repo at Krypton 17.6.

2. Go to Add-ons Kodi

After you have finished installing the Kodil repository on your Krypton 17.6 device, click Add-on in the left navigation menu. covenant kodi addon

3. Select the Package Installer icon

In the upper left corner you will see a box icon (package installer). You must choose this option to install Covenant kodi addon. covenant kodi addon 2019

4. Select Install from the repository

From various options, you must select the Install from Repository option to download the Agreement for Kodi 17.6. covenant kodi addon download

5. Open Kodil repository

Open the Kodil repository by clicking on it. It consists of various add-on programs, music add-ons and video add-ons. You need to open the folder for video add-ons from the list. covenant kodi addon url

6. Look for Covenant

Hundreds of Kodi add-ons are listed there. You must search for the Agreement from the list. covenant kodi addon zip

7. Click Install

Open -> Agreement <- folder & click the – > Install <- button. Now wait for a few seconds and a notification will appear that the Add-on Agreement is installed. covenant kodi addon repoAfter all, this is your favorite Covenant Kodi addon installed in Kodi 17.6 Krypton. Now open the add-on and open the Covenant to stream all the content provided by the addon.

How to Install Covenant kodi Addon | All Eyez On Me Repo

1. Start Kodi

Launch Kodi on your device by double-clicking the Kodi shortcut icon (when using Windows) or Application -> Open Kodi <using Firestick>. covenant kodi addon install

2. Activate unknown sources

Open System Preferences> Add-ons> and activate the Unknown Source option in your Kodi app. covenant kodi not working

3. Add repository address

Open the File Manager -> Add Sources> select <- No -> and enter the repository address. Enter as the repository address. kodi addons exodus

4. Open Add-ons

After activating unknown sources, your Kodi device can install applications, repos, or add-ons from external sources. Now navigate to Kodi Home> Add-on on the left sidebar. what happened to covenant on kodi

5. Click on package installer icon

In the upper left corner is the icon for the type of add-on that you need to click. See the picture below for a better understanding. install covenant on kodi 18

6. Select install from zip file

You will see various options there, but we have to install the repository for Kodi. So choose from installing the zip file. covenant kodi addon 2019

7. Select All Eyez On Me Repo

Here you need to open the name of the folder created earlier. So select All Eyez On Me repo  list. kodi addons covenant 2018

8. Install repository zip file

Select -> <- your file to install repository on Kodi. kodi covenant replacement

9. Select install from repository

covenant addon for kodi 17.6

10. Open All Eyez On Me Repository

In various repository folders, you must select All Eyez On Me Repository to install the add-on. All Eyez On Me Repo

11. Select Covenant

Go to Video Add-ons> then to Agreement from the list of various Kodi add-ons. Install Covenant kodi

12. Click Install

Install Covenant Kodi Addon

Here you have installed the Covenant Kodi addon from the All Eyez On Me Kodi storage system. Now go to the video add-on and open Covenant to watch movies and TV shows on your device.

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